eVitamins Hong Kong (HK)

Shipping Service For Vitamins, Supplements And More To Hong Kong

eVitamins HK has a warehouse in Shelby Township, MI and all our orders are shipped from the U.S. to Hong Kong (HK).

What Is The Shipping Service Offer From eVitamins to HK?

eVitamins HK

eVitamins ships a number of products to Hong Kong, including supplements, vitamins, herbs, groceries and other products.

If an item is not allowed in Hong Kong, you will be notified during the checkout process. eVitamins HK uses a DHL Priority International Non-Trackable service to ship your order to Hong Kong.

This service is non-trackable, and your order will be delivered to your address by your local mail carrier. If you want your order to be trackable, there are other options available to you.

You won’t be able to place a trackable order through our website and should instead contact us so we can give you a customized quote for shipping.

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How Much Does The Shipping Service Cost?

The price of shipping is based on the weight of your order.

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When Will I Receive My Order?

Based on our eVitamins HK experience, most ordered are delivered between 8 and 14 business days.

If there is an issue with customs, it can take 25 business days and even more for an order to be delivered.

What Happens Once I Place My Order?

eVitamins will need to verify your information if this is the first order you place with eVitamins HK.

We check your identity to protect you from frauds and to make sure the order is paid by the cardholder. Your future orders will be processed faster once we have been able to verify your information.

What If I Enter The Wrong Address?

eVitamins are unable to change the delivery address once your order is shipped. eVitamins Hong Kong always does our best to work with the shippers to resolve this type of issues, but eVitamins are not responsible for fees, delays or other problems if you didn’t enter the correct address when placing your order.

Entering the wrong address can cause an order to be lost, rejected or destroyed. eVitamins won’t issue a refund or a replacement if this happens. If the order is sent back to use because of the incorrect address, you might have to pay return shipping fees. eVitamins will be able to refund the cost of the items but not the shipping fees.

What If My Package Is Lost?

It is uncommon for international packages to be lost or delayed, but this is a situation that can happen. Keep in mind that it takes up to 30 business days for some orders to go through customs because of the shipping method or of a lengthy import clearance process.

Your international order won’t be considered as lost until 30 business days have gone by from the date of the shipment. You will have to wait 30 business days for us to process your claim. You can read this article about the eVitamins review and trustworthy.

If your order has been lost, get in touch with our customer support department ([email protected]). You will have 60 calendar days from the date of purchase to report an international order as lost.

eVitamins will choose the best solution depending on what your location is, which courier was used and on what happened with similar orders in the past.

You would not be able to get a refund if you didn’t report your order as lost within 60 calendar days of placing the order. Keep in mind that we are unable to issue refunds for lost orders that were sent via International Airmail.

What If My Order Is Returned?

eVitamins occasionally see orders being returned to senders for reasons like the order being unclaimed, the address being incomplete or the items being banned or prohibited. eVitamins will issue a refund once the returned orders have been received by our facility.

Note that eVitamins will refund the cost of the items and not the shipping cost. eVitamins HK will check the parcel before issuing a refund. You might have to cover the return shipping fees.

eVitamins won’t be able to issue a refund if the order is returned as is damaged or cannot be resold for another reason. eVitamins HK are not responsible for delays if your order is sent back. Keep in mind that we will only issue a refund for the cost of the items and not for the cost of shipping if your order is returned.

What Are The Payment Methods Accepted by eVitamins HK?

  • You can pay with Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, JCB and Diners Club.
  • You can also pay by wire or bank transfer.
  • You can use PayPal or Alipay to pay for your order.

What About Customs And Country Regulation?

eVitamins works hard to make sure we do not send prohibited items to Hong Kong and will tell you during the checkout process if you are trying to order something that is prohibited.

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However, you are responsible for double checking the import policies before placing your order. eVitamins will not be able to issue a refund if your order is seized by customs.

What About Duties And Taxes?

eVitamins uses DDU to ship orders. Your package will be delivered by your local mail carrier, and you might be charged duties and taxes when receiving your order.

eVitamins do not collect fees to cover taxes and duties during the checkout process, and you will be responsible for paying duties and taxes.